Thursday, 15 May 2008


This week we’re considering the meme over on the MA New Literacies board. Memes are often so much part if Internet culture that you don’t even notice them. Do you forward that daft email or that scary Funwall post automatically? Do you risk the 5/10/20 years of bad luck forecasted if you neglect to send the meme onto the requisite amount of unsuspecting friends? Many blogs consist of replicated items that the blogger has found amusing on their daily stagger around the Internet (see the Geek Hierarchy!).

My current favourite has be to the Hitler series (sorry), particularly 'Hitler is a Meme':

I also love the meme parodies and mashups provided on a regular basis:

(Warning: contains language not really suitable for children!)

Was followed by:

And many more!

In fact, all of this meme-ing reminded me of South Park, who, when it comes to social commentary, often do it for me:

Whew! Think I need to come back to this one tomorrow.

If you want to track the popularity of your favourite meme, Google Trends provides an insight!


Delphine said...

Wow Faye, thanks for introducing me to some of the video Memes - I feel out of touch with this stuff as I have not seen any of these things. Was not sure how to take the Britney Memes as I feel for the woman and personally think people just want her to fall apart. Liked the Darth Vader video and decided to take a positive stance and see them as support for her. I liked your mention of the email spam, which you have to forward on. I personally just bin them unless I really like the content but so many of them are the same words and are now boring. May be that is why I am all out of luck ;-)

Faye said...

I know what you mean about the Britney stuff Delphine. I think in this case it's more about him than her. In fact with this guy (I think his name is Chris Crocker) it was all about self promotion. There's a video on YouTube of him talking to Maurey, amongst many others. Looking for 15 minutes of fame?

Nick New Literacies said...

Hi Faye,
Just loved the Hitler is a meme video. I also liked the geek heirarchy, especially as I've embedded a Star Trek meme on my blog.

DrJoolz said...

Leave Britney al00-0-0-0-0-0-0-0ne!!!! I love this.

Angelina said...

Hi Faye. You're so organized! I like the way you seem to be working your way round using these affinity spaces t o communicate. Love the memes video.