Thursday, 29 May 2008

Online identities

During a visit to my in-laws yesterday, I read about Emily Gould in the Independent. A couple of things struck me really. Emily describes how she always found a way to communicate her thoughts to the world and how:

'Some of my blog's readers were my friends in real life, and even the ones who weren't acted like friends when they posted comments or sent me email. Some of them had blogs, too, and I read those and left my own comments. As nerdy and one-dimensional as my relationships with these people were, they were important to me. They made me feel like a part of some kind of community, and that made the giant city I lived in seem smaller and more manageable.'

She also points out that 'the big difference between these youthful indiscretions and my more recent ones is that you can Google my more recent ones. '

Possibly another argument for educating young people in how to navigate the online community spaces that have become so important to many.

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