Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Looking at books...

Has anyone seen this guy's site? Dave Werner's Portfolio

The part that I found really facinating was Cadence of Seasons. It just sounds fantastic! How many reluctant readers would be drawn in by something so stimulating?

On a slightly different tangent, I really want a Sony Reader! They are just brilliant - why aren't they avaliable in the UK?!?

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Virtual Classrooms

I visited our school's new virtual classroom today - wow! The possibilities are endless and the students will LOVE it.

The classroom uses a 'Portable 3D Steroscopic System' produced by Amazing Interactives. It includes 3D filming so students can create their own Steroscopic films and interactive 3D Mindmapping Systems for books and plays - we looked through the 'Of Mice and Men' map: fantastic.

Although some software is avaliable and is being developed, there appears to be tons of VRML models avaliable online. God bless the internet.

The potential is endless. I plan on dragging my Year 7's into the Elven Forest next week to continue our work on storytelling ..... I can feel a Lord of the Ring moment coming on ....