Thursday, 26 June 2008

Will there ever be an end to exercise books?

I feel like I'm plodding v-e-r-y slowly towards the end of term. We're all counting down the days to the summer holidays and spitting at the very thought that some idiot politician could consider doing away with the long break.

I've made some (very laid-back) plans for next year, generally organisational ones, which lead me onto my pet hate. Exercise books. I hate them so much. They're just awful, limiting, miserable things. The kids complain because handouts fill their books and can't be stored anywhere. They forget to bring them ALL THE TIME. Then they lose the work they do on paper. Paper and pens are a daily annoyance to me and pretty much everyone else I speak to. Surely there's a better way?!?
Well, it turns out that there is. New Line Learning Academy in Kent has been featured on Teachers TV recently:
'Every pupil has been given a portable tablet computer, the school has provided wireless internet access, and has designed a virtual learning environment called Schoolbuk ... the academy has been developing a classroom of the future, with the school hall converted into a high tech Learning Plaza where open plan areas allow students to work in small groups, and an area for whole-class presentations.'
How fantastic is that? Or would they just forget to bring their laptop?
To see the video, go to Teacher TV. And if you have any 'overcoming an irrational fear of exercise books' advice, PLEASE get it touch!!
*Image credit Just_Tom, Flickr.

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